Hop along and I’ll explain it to you

“Her eyes are sweet and yet fully intense, her voice reaches the ears of those who cherish streetwise poetry like a razorblade. Barbara Bivolt stars in her 5th music video, ‘Suba Junto’, developed by Suba in order to explain the group’s concept and to show its way of creating and producing multiplatform ideas that connect brands and talents through content. The single was a highlight in major magazines such as Rolling Stone Brasil and Billboard Brasil. It inspires self-confidence in those who with to achieve dreams that seem impossible to reach.” Portal Press

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Music: Bivolt
Beat: DJ Willião
Production, Mixing and Mastering: Amleto Barboni
Studio Assistant: Rafael Machado
Vocals: Bárbara Bivolt
Drums Amleto Barboni
Creative Director: Marcelo Torma
Stage Manager João Macfarland
Cinematographer: Amleto Barboni
Art Directors: Renato Andreolli e Marcelo Fernandes
Cameramen: Chico Mitre e Túlio Ridávia
Gaffer: Rafael Machado
Executive Producer: Suba
Video Editors: Chico Mitre e Adriano Paantcho
Coloring: Amleto Barboni
Produced in 2018

Amleto Barboni