Over 20 years of great music and good times. A starting point.

Located in the Perdizes neighborhood in São Paulo, the studio offers a structure that’s optimized for excellent results for the best value. It’s used for pre-production, or even for production work, depending on the project. It has two recording rooms, an isolation booth, and a control room; Neve, Shadow Hills, SSL, API and Focusrite Red mic preamps; both analog/tube and digital gear, Pro Tools, an Avid HD IO interface, plus rare amplifiers, several instruments, a Leslie 120 speaker, and an acoustic piano. It is one more option as to where to develop music production work. For audiovisual projects, it has a Blackmagic URSA Mini camera with a Camvision rig, a Sennheiser M66 boom mic, an IDX battery pack, vintage and anamorphic 2x lenses, plus a cutting/coloring room.

Amleto Barboni